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Muscle Sport Multi Vita Revolution 60 Caps

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About this Item

  • A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to optimize health*
  • Fruits & Greens Whole Food Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Advanced Enzyme Blend

Have you ever noticed that talking about dieting or calorie-restriction is similar to a beacon for some nutritionist or dietitian to swoop in and remind you all about how foods have vitamins and minerals and how multivitamins ?just aren?t the same??

Have you also noticed that people who make a big deal out of vitamins and minerals from food sources also tend to be overweight? That?s because these individuals have overemphasized the micronutrients relative to the macronutrients and calories.

Of course, vitamins and minerals are very important, but it?s not exactly difficult to see the error in justifying eating pizza solely because it has B vitamins in the crust.

Multi Vita Revolution is a better way.

Micronutrients – A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to optimize health and keep the body in tip-top condition.
Fruits & Greens Whole Food Complex ? Packed chock full of phytonutrients to get you all the benefits of the whole plant, not just the vitamins and minerals.
Antioxidant Complex ? Free radicals wreak havoc in the body. Ingredients like MSM, Green Tea, and Grape Seed stop them dead in their tracks.
Advanced Enzyme Blend – A specialized mixture of enzymes facilitate the proper digestion of foods to help get more nutrients out of the digestive tract and into the body!
Whole foods have tons of benefits, but the notion that vitamins and minerals from food are better than from a multivitamin is hogwash.

They are the same, but food has OTHER stuff. In every case, calories are present, but things like phytonutrients are beneficial and found in vegetables, so MSI has added those to Multi Vita Revolution as well!

Long story short, Multi Vita Revolution has all of what you need and none of what you don?t!

Get your vitamins, your minerals, your phytonutrients, and all those other helpful phytonutrients found in food. Ditch the excess Calories. Get Multi Vita Revolution – the Best Multivitamin in Sport!


Muscle Sport




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