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Weider Thermo Caps 120 Capsules

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About this Item

  • Accelerate metabolism to burn more calories
  • Reduce body fat for a more defined body
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Use fat as a source of energy
  • Increase energy for day-to-day activities or physical exertio

Thermo Caps was designed with the best combination of ingredients to obtain excellent results. It has thermogenic and fat-burning properties and is very efficient for diets because it helps us to control our appetites and anxiety. It is composed of the following ingredients:

? L-Carnitine: this is the molecule responsible for transporting fatty acids to the interior of the mitochondria, where fats may be used as a source of energy or so-called body “boilers”. If we are doing very intensive training, it will also help us to recover from them and therefore achieve our goals.

? Caffeine: this comes from different extracts contained in the formula such as Green Tea, Guarana and Mate. It has a stimulating effect that helps to increase your concentration, responsiveness and thermogenesis and therefore reduces fatigue as well. This means we can train longer and harder, consume more calories and burn more fat.

? KFS (Turmeric Extract): This is a precursor of substances that help to reduce your sense of hunger and increase satiety. Scientific studies showed that KFS supplements reduced people’s sense of anxiety during hypocaloric diets.

? Cayenne: It increases your thermogenic properties.

? Niacin (Vitamin B3): It acts as a co-factor for co-enzymes that intervene in many reactions related to your body’s energy: especially glucose (in glycolysis), fat and alcohol.

? Chrome: It is an insulin activator so it regulates and improves the use of Glucose. It also helps to transport other nutrients like amino acids to cells.

This magnificent mixture of ingredients makes Thermo Caps ideal for diets as it produces excellent results by increasing the amount of calories burnt and decreasing our appetites.






40 Serving

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